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What is eckington hall?

GREAT QUESTION.  Eckington Hall was initially created with the intention of housing the pop-up exhibit, "Enchant This" with two New Mexico-based photographers, Gabriela Campos and Nathaniel Tetsuro Paolinelli.  It evolved into something much more.  That exhibit was amazing, the photos of the people of New Mexico and the New Mexican landscape were gorgeous, but people would walk into the gallery and say, “Looks great, but when are you all open?”  Eckington Hall is a large space so to many people, the space looked bare.  So we just started to fill the space.  Having previously produced several markets in the DC area like Dupont’s Basement at Dupont Underground and the National Landing Market, we had a rolodex of great vendors who we love working with and wanted to fill the space with their work/products and run a market.  And it took on a world of its own.  We also started throwing some events, hosting workshops.  The term we like to use is creative multipurpose room.  Some people walk in and ask, “What is this?”  Our response is, “Why does it have to be anything?”

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